6 ways to entertain a housebound toddler!

We have been in the house a lot recently. First we were finding our feet when Fred arrived, then Rowan got the chicken pox and just as he was getting better, Fred got the chicken pox!! How we have not gone completely cabin fever crazy is beyond me!

I have needed to come up with a few things to keep Rowan entertained on the days that Cbeebies and Disney DVD’s are just not cutting it for him. So here is what we have been up to!

1.  Oats in a paddling pool


I blew up this cheapy paddling pool that we got from Tesco and filled it with a bag of budget oats that i found in the back of my cupboard that had gone out of date! Rowan loved pretending to feed his farm animals and using his construction vehicles to transport the oats around. He had literally hours of fun doing this, only down side was we are still finding oats even though we vacuum everyday… worth the mess i think!

2.  Lasagna sheet colouring in


I was sorting out my food cupboard and found 3 boxes of lasagna sheets, i have no idea why i had so many as i rarely make lasagna! So to make room, i gave Rowan a box and his colouring pens and let his creative side flow. Once we had coloured in a couple of sheets we decided to make a road for Rowan’s cars, 2 lots of fun in one activity – bonus!



3.  Home made indoor sand


5 cups flour, 1 cup baby oil, that’s all you need to make indoor sand! It smells lovely too and makes your hands very soft. We added glitter to ours, it was really sparkling but i don’t think this shows in the photo. Rowan enjoyed counting out the flour, baby oil and tipping it into the mixing bowl, he loved making mini sand castles and driving his trucks through the mixture. He kept saying ‘wow’ and had his little tongue out whilst he was concentrating.


We have bagged up the mixture so we can play with it again some time this week.

4.  Playing with Dragons (more commonly known as dinosaurs!)


Rowan has started to get very interested in dinosaurs since ‘Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure’ has started on Cbeebies. He likes to call them Dragon’s! I was delighted to find at a local church bric a brac sale these dinosaurs for a grand total of 90p! I love a bargain and we have been enjoying playing with them ever since.

5.  Painting with dad


My husband is a painter and decorator, so it was no surprise he went and bought Rowan some poster paints for their activity. He used a big sheet of lining paper and they got creative on the kitchen floor, i love standing back and seeing them interact with each other… Rowan truly is a daddy’s boy at heart.

6.  Chores


Rowan loves destroying the house, he is excellent at it so i am trying to teach him to tidy up after himself (no success with this so far) but he does enjoy mucking in with the housework. He likes to dust the TV for me and also has started to ask to wash up! I let him wash up all his plastic cups, my kitchen gets soaked but he is happy.

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    4 Comments on 6 ways to entertain a housebound toddler!

    1. agatapokutycka
      March 7, 2014 at 2:37 pm (8 months ago)

      Great idea… I like point 6 the most!
      I wish there was a way to make them help around the house

      • Fun Being Mum
        March 7, 2014 at 2:48 pm (8 months ago)

        How lovely it would be to have a house proud toddler lol!

    2. lisa prince
      March 7, 2014 at 2:44 pm (8 months ago)

      It is always crafts in our home ,we all love getting messy with glues and paints x

      • Fun Being Mum
        March 7, 2014 at 2:49 pm (8 months ago)

        We’re starting to do more messy play, i used to get a little freaked out about it but as long as it will vacuum up or wash off at the end of the day i’m fine with it x


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