T25 Update & Autumn!


So i am into week 2 of T25 and it hasn’t quite gone to plan, but this is all part of being a full time mum, things come up that are out of my control, so rather than stress, I’m just going to pick up the workout where i can and drop any workouts that i can’t do. Lets just say a busy family weekend in Cornwall, a slightly uncooked sausage and a baby’s first cold have all set me back a little!!!

But as of this evening i am back on it! I am going to take weekly measurements and weigh in each Saturday but plan to share my progress after 30 days as I think this will keep me more motivated.

I have a few things to keep me motivated this month, my university reunion is in just over 4 weeks, my parents are going on an Alaskan cruise so i won’t be seeing them until the weekend of my reunion and my in-laws are leaving for Texas today for 5 weeks. I thought i would really try and get my diet as clean as possible and do all my workouts and hopefully they will all see a difference in my appearance when i see them next… here’s hoping anyway!

Although i am beating myself up a little for missing workouts so early on in the program, i am feeling quite positive overall. We have just entered my favourite season, i bloomin’ love Autumn!! I love the weather (cold, crisp, sunny mornings make me so happy), I love the colours as the leaves start to change and i love the flavours too… pumpkin, apple cinnamon… bliss! All these things make me sooooo HAPPY!

So onwards and upwards, lets get my workout gear on and do this!!

Focus T25 Challenge


I have jumped on board the Focus T25 train and plan to eat, sleep and breath this work out program for the next 10 weeks. Can someone really change themselves in 10 weeks? I’ve been trying since i was a teenager to lose weight and look good in clothes without a muffin top, so i’m not convinced. I plan to give it my all and try more than my best to succeed.

If you have been living under a stone and are wondering what is Focus T25, here is the official blurb off the Beachbody website:

25 minutes of pure intensity
with NO REST!

To deliver the results of a 60 minute workout in just 25-minutes, Shaun uses Focus Interval Training (FIT). He takes on one muscle group at a time, works it to exhaustion and when you can’t do even one more rep, he moves on to the next muscle group…and then the next. From glutes to shoulders, abs to quads, biceps to obliques. Get the picture? It’s a 25-minute, full-out attack on your body, without any rest. The only thing it leaves time for is scorching fat and sculpting muscle.

I’m going to blog/vlog/tweet and post on Instagram daily, i need so much support as i am a sleep deprived mama (who is still woken 2+ times every night by my nearly 8 month old) so do not always feel like working out, but it’s 25 little minutes, which is very doable even for me.

Check out my youtube channel for regular updates, hopefully the more you watch of me the less (as in weight) you will see of me.

If anyone wants to join me in this challenge or just commit to working out 5 days a week for the next 10 weeks, let me know, we can support each other.


Oh yeah, and if you want to see funny post workout faces like the one below, then check out my Instagram page!!



Creative Canvas Company

I was kindly offered the chance to review the Creative Canvas Company. As i have taken many, many photos of my boys but have hardly put any pictures up in my house I jumped at the chance.

The Creative Canvas Company has a wide selection of designs to choose from, I decided on a cute heart collage, which incorporates lots of little photos into a large heart shape.

I placed my order and waited for the confirmation email. A link is sent with the email to send my chosen photos to. It informed me that for my collage I would need about 70 photos… now the hard part… picking the photos!!

I followed the link, I then submitted my photos ensuring all photos were rotated the right way round as the company clearly states that they have to use the photos as they are sent. My photos were sent easily to the company within a couple of minutes.

Most of the photos I sent had been taken on my phone so I was concerned about the quality of the photos on the canvas. I also was a little worried as in the past when I have made photo projects on-line using other companies, it would be up to me to place all the photos on the project (which I actually found very time consuming, so haven’t done it very often) but with the Creative Canvas Company, they do all the hard work for you – I just worried that the photos may overlap and you wouldn’t see everything.

The canvas arrived 7 days later (the company states that they aim to deliver the order within 10 working days but at busy times allow 21 days) so I was very happy with this!

So the service was very easy and straight forward. Now for the actual product… first I had to assemble it! The instructions were clear and precise, it took me no more than 10 minutes to mount the canvas onto the frame.

The canvas itself is beautiful! Each photo has been placed so nothing important is cut off the picture, the colours are strong and vibrant and the quality is very high. The concerns I had about the photo quality soon faded away as each photo was so clear.

I absolutely love the canvas, it documents the last 3 years of our lives from when our little family began, Ollie and I just stared at the canvas for ages reminiscing over where and when certain photos were taken, I just love the heart shape too. This canvas will be taking pride of place in our hallway for all guests and visitors to see.

The Creative Canvas Company sent me a canvas to review, however this is my honest opinion of the product.

You Choob!!!

Did you know that i have jumped on the Youtube band wagon? I am just finding my feet but finding it really fun! It would be lovely if you took a look and let me know what you think! You can find me HERE. I would love more subscribers, so come say hello!

Let me know in the comments below if you too are on Youtube and i will come and have a wonder over to your channel :)


Hitting the Mummy Wall… to continue breastfeeding or not to breastfeed? That is the Question…


Falling asleep on my first cup of caffeine of the day!

Today i have to say i hit the wall… this is the term used when someone running say a marathon has used up all their energy reserves and can no longer work out how to put one foot in front of the other, but i hit the mummy wall. This is the wall a mummy hits when she is so sleep deprived, run down and has lost all will to function like a normal human being… hell i went to the shops without a shred of make up on earlier not even a lick of mascara, what has happened to me?

I have turned into a monster, every little thing my toddler does annoys me and even when i try to remain cool… well i don’t! I have flipped out so many times today and my little man just does not deserve it as he is such a good boy really.

I’m so tempted to throw the towel in with breastfeeding, isn’t it meant to be a magical experience between myself and Fred? At the moment i have yet another chapped nipple and he wants to feed off said chapped nipple regularly, i have had 6 months of this. I am so torn. Stop breastfeeding, get some sleep and be happy or carry on breastfeeding, be woken up every couple of hours and then continue to be this banshee that i have become?

I do not feel ready to give up breastfeeding completely just yet but i am starting to worry about my mental health, i have been running on empty for months and now that i have swollen glands added in the mix, I just feel so fed up and would give anything for 8 or even 6 gorgeous, uninterrupted hours sleep!

Tonight i have decided to give Fred formula before he goes to bed (we have been trying him on one bottle in the evening recently and he does sleep a little longer) AND give him one in the middle of the night, i will then go back to feeding him during the day tomorrow, i just hope my milk supply doesn’t pack its bags and bugger off somewhere.

I need to find a balance, as it stands there isn’t a balance, the only one benefiting from the breastfeeding is Fred, I am sleep deprived, Rowan is feeling the brunt of this sleep deprivation and poor Ollie either gets yelled at or cried upon, not sure which is worse for him when he walks through the door after a long day at work!

I remember going through something similar when Rowan was about 6 months old but i didn’t have another little person to think about back then and i also could lie in or have naps with him but i do not have that luxury with Fred… i curse the day we decided to pretend to lose Rowan’s dummy (about 3 weeks ago) and he promptly dropped his nap because of it, i soon waved goodbye to my 5 minutes breathing space and cuppa time.

I know things will get easier with time, Fred will start filling his tummy more with food and burn more energy to help him sleep at night, but for today, i hit the wall, i cried and then i went to bed. Tomorrow is another day…

Fred is 6 months old!!

fred IMG_20140705_075950







I can not believe this little fella has been in our lives for 6 whole months! It’s scary how quick that time has gone, it only feels like yesterday that he popped (literally) out of me!

Fred is such a pleasant baby, only grumbles when he is hungry and smiles all the time. He beams when he sees his big brother and he has started getting quite verbal, his favourite words are ‘Ro ro ro ro ro ro!’ to his brother Rowan’s delight!

He has done amazingly well at breastfeeding, we were still exclusively breastfeeding up until last week, we decided to introduce an evening bottle to help him sleep more, it helps but once that has worn off he wakes every 2 hours for a feed. He is a night time snacker and is not doing it for comfort, needless to say i am pretty exhausted, especially as Rowan has dropped his nap and i have been potty training him also (Rowan not Fred!)

We have started Fred on baby rice/baby porridge so far… this little stash that i won on a twitter competition has certainly helped. I love the Organix product range for both my boys.


He tried a bit of sweet potato, swede and carrot puree today, he wasn’t too sure about that one so i’m going to make up some fruit ones for him to try. I plan to do baby led weaning but just want to introduce some tastes to him first and he isn’t quite sitting up on his own yet for me to feel confident that he can feed this way. He has however played with tried banana and avocado slices, both of which he liked.


Fred is getting quite big considering he has only been living off my milk, i’m not sure of his exact weight but he has been filling his 6-9 month clothes for a good couple of weeks already.

Fred went swimming for the first time at the weekend, i wasn’t allowed to take any photos in the pool :( but he loved it, he was kicking around and wasn’t bothered by the splashing or the noisy pool. Think we will start taking the boys most weekends now.

Fred loves standing on his chubby legs and bouncing, i think if he was allowed he would stay in his door bouncer all day, everyday!

Rowan and Fred are becoming the best of friends, Rowan cares about his brother and is always getting him toys and asking him if he is ok. One of the most wonderful things about having children is watching the strong bond form between them.


Fred still has no teeth yet has been dribbling like crazy and chomping his hand to the point that his little face is so sore!


I have loved every second of the past 6 months with my boys… only 6 more months and Fred will be 1!! Sob!!!

Surviving Potty Training


We are now into our 2nd week of potty training, i started potty training Rowan last week to test the waters to see if he was ready. For months i have been asking him if he wants to sit on a potty and he has firmly replied ‘No!’ every time (to my relief as i have had my hands full with an almost 6 month old too). But last week, i thought, Rowan you’re 2 years, 8 months old – of course you’re going to say ‘no’ if i ask you to do something that is alien to you. So we went straight into it last week, nappy was taken off and the choice was pee in the potty or pee on the floor… well 2 pees on the floor later i was starting to wonder whether he was ready. Then out of no where he said ‘wee wee coming!’ and sat on the potty, we celebrated his 1st pee on the potty that day YAY!!!

We started to bribe tempt Rowan to use the potty more with a chocolate m&m and a star on his reward chart – it worked! He started telling us every time he needed a pee, but frustratingly he waited until he had his pull up on of a night to do a no 2!

Eventually he had gone 2 days without Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo showing up so he had no other option but to use the potty and thankfully he did (no poop on the carpet… yet!) He was absolutely fine about doing a poop in the potty, and although i was over the moon, i also thought how gross it was and how i was trying not to heave in front of him – it will get easier i know.

Over the weekend we had 2 days planned away from the house so put Rowan in pull ups, unfortunately this did us no favours and he started to pee without telling us he needed the toilet :(

Monday this week, i put us back under house arrest – he soon nailed using the potty for pees again but waited for the pull up to go on to do a poo. Today (tuesday) i decided to go out to a play group to see how he gets on in pants, but i didn’t feel brave enough to deal with a messy situation away from home as i also have baby Fred in tow. I put him in pants and then put a pull up on over the top so he would actually feel wet if he had an accident but he’s clothes would remain dry, i think this is the best option for us until he is fully trained. We got to group and he told me ‘wee wee coming’, i passed Fred to one of the girls who run the group and took him to the loo. He wasn’t happy with how cold the toilet seat was, so i popped him on the potty they had there. He didn’t go but i praised him for telling me he needed to go anyway. All through the session i kept asking him if he needed to wee and he said no. Before we left to walk home, i took him to the toilet to try and pee. I noticed that he had wet pants so had had an accident. As soon as i pulled his trousers down he said ‘wee wee in pants’ so he is aware that he had done it.

From there we have gone a little down hill, he has had a number of accidents this afternoon, telling me he is weeing as he is doing it. It’s frustrating as i thought he was getting it, he even looks a bit upset that he hasn’t used the potty and tells us he should have used the potty so knows where it should go.

I wouldn’t say i am surviving potty training but we are going to get there, maybe he isn’t ready yet but i think we have come too far to stop now. We are going up to the Midlands this weekend so he will be back in pull ups for the journey but will be in pants all weekend long.

If you have any tips for potty training, i would love to hear them!

Anatomy of a burrito!

The other day i couldn’t decide what to make for dinner, i had a free range chicken already cooked so i knew it was going to revolve that ingredient. I then randomly came across something on YouTube where a burrito was being made and i just knew that is what i wanted!

I had the chicken, we had tortilla wraps already bought, so i went about making some salsa, guacamole and refried beans.

I made all the fillings from scratch. It included;

Guacamole – 1 mashed avocado, juice of half a lime, chopped up cherry tomatoes, a little pinch of salt.

Oven baked salsa – about 12 cherry tomatoes diced, red and yellow pepper diced, onion diced and about a tablespoon of olive oil. I put it in the oven on 200c for about 30 mins.

Refried beans – pinto beans are usually used for refried beans but i didn’t have any so i used chickpeas! I put a drained can of chickpeas in my food processor, added about half a cup of passata, tsp of cumin, garlic, salt and pepper – whizzed it all up and there you have it!!

It was a real chuck it all together jobby! I couldn’t even be bothered to look up recipes which is very unlike me as i am not a risk taker when it comes to making my own recipes up!


This is how our burrito panned out.

After warming the tortilla in the microwave for 30 seconds i added a layer of refried beans (or chickpeas!)


Then i added a layer of rice


Next the pre-cooked chicken


Then the oven roasted salsa


Followed by the guacamole


The penultimate layer was the dairy layer, a bit of grated cheese and natural yoghurt


I finally added a layer of mixed leaf salad.The burrito was then rolled up and to make it even more authentic i served them wrapped in foil with tortilla chips.


The end verdict, the most amazing meal i think i have ever made!! It was so delicious, the mixture of flavours just worked, even the hubby was impressed and he’s not a massive fan of tomatoes or avocado!!


This is definitely going to appear on our dinner plates again very, very soon!


Father’s Day by the sea…

For Father’s Day all Ollie wanted to do was spend time with the boys and as the weather was going to be nice we headed to the in-laws in Brixham.

The weather was glorious on the Saturday so we headed to Goodrington Sands in Paignton.


It was a little hot for Fred so after a while we walked into Paignton town to grab an iced coffee.


On Father’s Day, Ollie was woken by a very excited Fred… well it was his first father’s day! So we all had a cuddle together.


After breakfast we headed to Brixham harbour for some intense crabbing!!



Rowan beat his crabbing personal best and caught 8 little crabbies – i also managed to catch a fish but threw it back in!


We headed to a restaurant on the harbour front to treat the daddy’s to lunch,


It wasn’t a bad view at all to eat a gourmet burger!


After, we were all completely stuffed so walked it off around the beautiful harbour,





The day pretty much ended as it started, except Ollie ended up having a nap with both Fred and Rowan… all in all i think he had the most perfect Father’s Day!


Super Victor Vitamin C!!!

Meet SUPER VICTOR VITAMIN C!!! He is the healthy superhero created by my 2.5 year old and me. He is our entry into the Tots100/Plum Baby Mighty Moments challenge!



Super Victor Vitamin C is here to save little people from dreaded sniffles and coughs.

His lemon head can be squeezed into hot water and honey if a fuzzy head is kicking in.

His lime hands can make any boring glass of water all citrusy and yum!

His orange belly can be juiced to make a lovely OJ ice lolly,

And his carrot legs can be dipped in hummus, they are so strong, they even crunch when bitten by the strongest of little people’s teeth!

In the winter Super Victor Vitamin C even grows a beard of broccoli but this is his summer look :)

His cape means he can fly to any destination where a cold may be lurking, he’s on a one healthy super hero mission to keep little people’s immune systems strong one common cold at a time!



If you have the sneezes and sniffles…. Super Victor Vitamin C will come to the rescue!!!!

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